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God has Shifted this Nation!

He has Awakened the Worshippers, Raised-Up the Warriors, Released the Reformers!!!

Let's keep standing in faith at this strategic time in our nation that Australia has been Shifted back under the government of God

Thank you to all of you who prayed, fasted, hosted & attended these events, and gave sacrificially. We are humbled & blessed how the body of Christ stood up 'as one' from 31st Oct - 11th Nov

God bless you all

Bruce & Cheryl


You can still view Live Streaming of different events at our Shift the Nation FACEBOOK page

12 Cities in 12 days 1 Shift


Shift the Nation of Australia in 2017

October 31st 2017 is the 500 year anniversary of the Reformation.

It is also the 100 year anniversary of the ANZAC ‘Light Horse Charge’ on Beersheba. 

The significance of these two events in church and world history is monumental. They have shaped the world we live in today!!

November 11 is ‘Remembrance Day,’ where we remember those who gave their lives for our freedom.

It is just 12 days after 31st October. The number ’12’ is the number of government. 

The Lord encouraged  us to 

'Take these 12 days and make a ‘governmental shift’ over Australia, enthroning Jesus as Lord in our nation!'

12 nights in 12 locations around Australia.


Further Location information here, if you are unable to make it to any of the above



1) For each of the 12 days we will enthrone Jesus in worship at strategic locations in our nation.

2) At each city or town, we will plan a 3 hour Worship Event at a strategic location.

3) As far as possible we will unite the churches, houses of prayer and indigenous church communities in each city for one united event.

How? By going to the Heart, the Gates & the Hill of our nation

1. We will begin in the HEART of the nation - Uluru.

2. We then go to the GATES of the nation, the Port Cities:-  Sydney, Melbourne, Hobart, Adelaide, Perth, Darwin, Brisbane, Townsville. We will also include other port cities of significance to our troops like Albany. And also to include port cities of significance in our aboriginal inheritance, like Broome & Uluru.

3. We will end in Canberra - the HILL of government, and be at the War Memorial, on Remembrance Day, 11.11 2017

Prayer Strategy

PRAYER that:

1) Releases the ‘government of God ‘ across our nation, enthroning Jesus as Lord over Australia.

2) Releases a spirit of reformation and transformation for righteousness and justice to be established in the land.

3) Remember all the lives given for the freedom of our nation, remembering the battles fought and the battles won. Especially also to remember the most important battle waged over this land, Jesus battle won over death. 

4) Releases the spirit of the ANZACs across the body of Christ, that a new generation would take up that cause of the ANZACs and fight for freedom for the people of God and the nations.

5) Releases a spirit of worship and prayer, that Houses of Prayer would increase all across our nation, especially in the outback, hidden and indigenous communities. That the indigenous church would be ‘heard’ in the nation.

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12 Locations in 12 Days


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* Small team will travel to Adelaide & back to Perth




October 1 to October 30 - Will be a MONTH OF PRAYER & FASTING. 

We will release daily prayer points during this month.

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