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Shift the Nation is an extention of Firehouses of Prayer - See below & www.thefirehouse.org.au for more

& A.A.R.C. (Australian Apostolic Restore Community) - See www.australianarc.org.au

Firehouses of Prayer

The Firehouse is a company of believers, called to watch and pray, strategise, commission and release the Army of God, for the expansion of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth, resulting in the transformation of communities, cities and nations. 

Through the Firehouse it is envisioned that:-

  • This company of believers, in homes, houses of prayer, church prayer groups, and networks of prayer, will join together around the Pacific Rim to agree together for the establishing of the Kingdom of God in the nations of the Pacific Rim.

  • The promise from heaven is Zech.2:5. 'He will he a fire around it, and He will be the glory within.' 

  • Every believer will be encouraged, equipped and released  as a 'house of prayer',for that is who we are. (Mark 11:17)(1Cor3:16)

  • The first and most necessary commitment is our relationship with the Lord. All roles and function come out of communication and in partnership with Heaven. Therefore we function and are empowered in our roles because we pray!

  • The expansion of the Kingdom of Heaven is directly opposed by the kingdom of darkness. Therefore as believers we are at war. This war is fought in the heavens through prayer.(Eph 6:10) To expand the Kingdom of God, we must first win the war in the heavens.

  • God is calling for a Movement of Prayer, for all to live, pray and watch  for the extension of the Kingdom of Heaven on earth. The Firehouse is part of the mobilization of this prayer movement across the nations.

Mandate of the Firehouses of Prayer

In March 2008, God commisioned us to ignite houses of prayer on the Rim of Fire. This was later enlarged to encorporate the whole of the Pacific Rim nations and even beyond.  His promise was from Zech 2:5, that He would be 'the fire around it and that he would be the glory in the midst'. 

As Firehouses of Prayer our mandate is to enthrone Jesus as King of Kings and Lord of Lords in the earth, that His Kingdom may be manifest on earth as it is in heaven. 

We accomplish this by:

  • Encouraging firehouses of prayer to be established and ignited across the nations. 

  • Building relationships, in order to stand in agreement and exercise authority together on an international scale. 

  • Individual and corporate worship,prayer, decree, declaration and petition that speaks prophetically into the nations to shift the atmospheres, and enforce the Kingdom of Heaven on earth.

  • Join with the prayers of the body of Christ around the nations and down the generations to bring down every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of Christ and to stand in the gap, for the restoration of all things.

  • Mobilising a passionate army, a movement of prayer, the 'warrior bride' fighting alongside her warrior King, to enforce the Kingdom of Heaven on earth.

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