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 As Israel goes …So the Body of Christ goes!


This year we come to another significant anniversary. This time for Israel. 
Israel celebrates 70 years as a nation on May14, 2018.
The nation of Israel has chosen to celebrate this anniversary according to Israel's calendar April18-20 with 70 hrs of continuous celebration!!


As the nation of Israel celebrates 70 years as a nation and the body of Christ celebrates 70 years since the ‘Latter-Day reign’ out pouring, I believe this anniversary marks  the ending one era to begin a new era.

There is a new era of governmental authority being released upon Israel and the Body of Christ across the nations. God has purposed that His people, natural and spiritual will have authority in the nations, to bless the land and see the Kingdom of God established on earth as it is in heaven!!

As such, God has instructed us to go to Israel for the 70yr. anniversary being celebrated in Jerusalem.
We will begin our trip in Egypt, retracing the steps of the children of Israel coming out of Egypt and into their promised land. 
We will then walk the circumference of Jerusalem for 8 days ( the number of new beginnings) to declare and enforce the new era that has begun for Jerusalem and the body of Christ, in the nations. 



A Summary of this historical Prayer Strike!

A trip to Egypt, Israel & Greece to focus on both natural and spiritual Israel being released at this historic, pivotal time transitioning out of an old season and into the whole New Era of Glory that the Lord in his goodness has now released upon the earth!!

Day 1

Arrived in Egypt!  Flying in, we landed at 11:11am.

The time is right again for ‘Shift’!!.

We are prophetically declaring the people of God both natural and spiritual, shift out of an old era of bondage and into the new era to fulfil identity and destiny.


Stopping on the way to our hotel, we find ourselves amazed to be it on the Nile again!!

Four years ago we put our feet in the water at the source of the Nile at Lake Victoria in Uganda.

Today we are on a boat in Cairo almost at the end of the Nile!!

God used this river to show himself to have  power over all the power of the enemy!!

By turning the water in this river to blood, He overcame the powerful demonic forces of the river that were being worshipped by the people of the land.

This was the first step in seeing the powerful gods who were then ruling the people of Egypt, overpowered and defeated.


Today we decree the power of the blood of Jesus flows in overcoming power to continue to release His victory over all the power of the enemy to all who believe!!.



‘In Egypt’

While preparing for this trip I felt the Lord say that we had to come to Egypt to understand in greater ways, what he had bought the people of God out of.

As we looked at this ancient culture we saw the bondage of a civilisation dominated and driven by the quest for eternal life to the detriment of life here on earth.

Jesus offers not just eternal life, but abundant life now!!

We must all leave symbolic Egypt!!:-  A life dominated and driven by the need to work out our own salvation.

Salvation is by faith!!

It is a great warning for the church of Jesus Christ and those dominated by the religious traditions of Israel. We cannot work out our own salvation by doing what we believe to be our religious duty and thereby earning our own salvation.  We can only be saved by faith that believes in a God who freely loves us.

Pray: that we as the people of God will  continue to enforce the overcoming power of Christ and him crucified. Declare that all our enemies will be scattered and a triumphant church will arise across the nations to  display the Kingdom of Heaven on earth!!


Here is an ancient Egyptian footstool with pictures of their enemies on it - for our enemies are under our feet!

Day 3

Today was the day we crossed over the Suez Canal. (Red Sea)

God gave me a mandate concerning the trip. However I believe it is also the mandate for the whole body of Christ in this new era!

‘Go, I have now prepared you to represent my bride! Symbolically take the steps out of the old and I will meet you on the mountain and on behalf of my people you will receive my love and anointing to deposit in my promised land and then establish in my church across the nations!!’

I woke with this song on my heart:

I will not be moved, though the earth give way,

For the power of God has overcome,

And for every tomb, there’s an empty grave,

For the power of death is overcome!!

It was no mistake that we crossed the original Red Sea on the 11th day of the month. God again declaring, this is transition time!!

As there are just 5 of us, we represent a prophetic picture of grace.It is the grace of God can save by many or by few. Indeed Christ as 1 man saved the entire world!!

Taking us out of Egypt, releases us from the power of death!

Taking Egypt out of us - releases us into life!!!

There is a call to choose to live in the fullness of life - in righteousness, peace, joy and love fully available by faith!


We call the people of God to let go of all things pertaining to death and choose life!!

We release abundant, fullness of life for those who choose life.

We declare, We choose righteousness and fullness of the promise.

We decree to the people of God, natural and spiritual ‘Shift’ out of every bondage and into life and life abundantly!!!

Day 4

Climb Mt.Sinai

Just before we reached the very top  of the mountain- on the last section of steps- I felt God’s presence very powerfully. This is still the place where you sense His glory!

Gods did not wait for us to come aside quietly with Him, but He met us as  if we had entered His home and His space.

The Lord spoke very personally to each one of us.

Below is a summary of what we heard while we were on the mountain.

I believe they are words are for all the whole body of Christ and especially for those who have prayed and lifted up our arms as we made this trip.

I have called you from your mother’s womb, I have carried you in my arms all the days of your life. Even when you wandered from me I called you back into fellowship and close to my heart.

I have been with you and I have forgiven your every sin and I have delighted in you, I have been blessed as I watched over you.

Now enter my rest.

A great rest flooded my heart and took out all striving.


As we sat to watch the sunrise , we were silent before the Lord waiting to hear and see.

We saw the new moon in the night sky, the beginning of a new month, the first month in the Hebrew Calendar.

A soft light began to filter across the sky through the layers of cloud. We watched as the clouds parted horizontally to show a vast expanse of light across the sky.

We prayed about the heavens opening in a greater measure over the earth.

We saw the double doors flung wide open and a great portal open between heaven and earth.

Then we saw the veil in the temple that was rent when Jesus died, pushed wide open! The access to the glory and presence of the Father is opened wide.

We released access from earth to heaven n heaven to earth in the new day!!

As I sat in his presence it seemed that God took ahold of my spiritual heart with both hands and pulled it apart opening wider my capacity to access and receive the love and grace of the Father and then an ability to release it in greater measure.

As I looked and decreed the new day rising over the nations - I saw a rod of authority that pierced a barren land and the land cracked and forked out across the nations. As it did it  dispersed shock waves, breaking up the crust of the earth right around the globe.

It seemed the earth was opening up to receive from the father and relay his message across the nations!

As we worshipped, waves of glory seemed to be released over us and a greater awe and knowledge of the Father’s love swept over us.

Glory was a key word. We were melted by our awareness of his might and greatness.

Two scriptures were given to me:

1) Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life.

I saw Jesus and he was standing between the heavens and the whole earth.  Thousands of people are walking through Jesus into glory.

2) Psalms 2:8.

I heard Lord say, ‘Ask me bigger things because you don’t know my glory yet, and you don’t know me yet! So ask me for more, please!!!

I also sensed God will very soon take me (and any other who feels  that it is for them) to the nations. He is going to show us his glory. Here I felt the glory means harvest.

Before we left I heard Lord say to me, ‘eat my glory! ‘ I felt a golden spoon was given to me and I used that spoon to take the glory and put into my mouth, just like eating honey or something sticky.

As the haze of a new day hung in the air, It was a time to breathe in the gold dust of his glory and enabling.

We can achieve his purposes for ourselves personally and for the body in this new area!!

As the sun revealed the mountains, it was as if they were all the mountains in life that had been overcome to bring us to this point.

Now released out of captivity we are ready by God’s glory to fulfil His purpose personally and corporately.

Judah must go first ! As praise continues to be released and Jesus is enthroned at the head of the church, the Kingdom of God will advance!!


For revelation of the new day to be realised to every child of God!



Jerusalem: Walk around the Old City - Day1

Decree Is.60 - Arise Jerusalem, shine for your light has come.


Pray with us that Jerusalem rises to fulfill her destiny as a light to the nations!

Jerusalem is a prophetic picture for the body of Christ.

All that is decreed for Jerusalem is prophetically decreed for all the people of God!1

Then, visited the sister city of the Gold Coast, Nethanya, releasing the same spirit of prayer and evengelism happening on the Gold Coast for the Commonwealth Games, into that city!


Released the same prayers being prayed over the Gold Coast for Nethanya. We decreed that the glory of the Lord would invade the city and be released in harvest.

Prayed at their amphitheater, that the gospel would be amplified and released from this place to the nations.

Worshipped tonight with Glory of Zion, Jerusalem. A Prophetic word was released by Linda Hidler of the ‘Shift’ happening for the body of Christ and the people of Israel!

Day 6

Jerusalem: Walk around the Old City - Day 2

Praying through Is. 60 again, decreeing blessing for Jerusalem, natural and spiritual!!!

Decree shift, turnaround into fullness of life and destiny!!

A new day has dawned upon Jerusalem!!

Spent time worshipping over the Old City at Succut Hallal HOP. What a joy to enthrone Jesus in his rightful place as King of Israel!


This place belongs to Jesus!!! Jesus says:‘It’s mine! It’s mine!! It’s mine!!



Jerusalem: Walk around the city - Day 3

Prayed through Is.61, releasing the power of salvation in the new day.


We later visited Gethsemane where Jesus prayed and the angels came and attended him.

This is a holy place where the love of the Father flows.

We prayed that at this place where the heaven were opened and angels attended, that many encounters would be released.

Went to the top of Mt of Olives where Jesus ascended to decree open heavens.Declared the heavens will open again in this place.


The Prince of Peace is enthroned over the mountains of Jerusalem.



Kedron Valley toward the Golden Gate


Jerusalem -Walk around the city Day 4

Is.55, Ps59


The heavens are opening over Jerusalem - we release divine encounters in the new era!!

Rejoice Jerusalem, your King has come.!

Receive Jesus Love and Light!!

We visited  the ‘Garden Tomb’ ‘He is not here - He is Risen!!’


There was a time of very special encounter and Jesus graciously imparting resurrection life!!

I believe there are encounters with Jesus for everyone int which he is activating the resurrection life of Christ already within us.

His desire is that we know him in …the fullness of the power of his resurrection!’


The overcoming power  of a resurrected life be manifested through the people of God

Decree resurrection life to the body of Christ.

Decree awakening and anointing for fullness of life!

Visited the City of David: Released authority to est. righteous government. Release authority for continuous worship from the body of Christ around the nations!


View of Jerusalem from Mt. Of Olives - place of Jesus ascension!

Day 9

Jerusalem - Walk around the city -Day 5

Memorial Day


We release blessing from Jerusalem to the nations.

Decree: Jerusalem, you are a light to the nations.


Went onto Mt.Tabor - Mount of Transfiguration.

Releasing transforming encounters across Israel and the nations!

Built a memorial on the side of the Sea of Galilee to honour those who gave their life for the nation of Israel!


Day 10

Jerusalem - Walk around the city - Day 6

Independence Day


God has kept his people, his nation Israel and his City Jerusalem as a witness of his power in the earth!!

All glory and praise to God and honour to his people as modern day Israel celebrates 70yrs. as a nation!!s a new era for the nation of Israel and the people of God.

New governmental influence is coming to Israel and the body of hoist throughout the nations.

We decree: Rise and Shine Israel, Rise and shine people of God. Rise in your authority across the nations to enforce Jesus Lordship on the earth and the establishing of the Kingdom of Heaven across the nations!!

Prophetic word for Australia from Taiwan

(An encouragement for us while we were in Israel)

Saw Australia like a rock tied with a piece of chord suspended from the hand of God. A plum line !

Australia is being bought into line, as a tool in Gods hand to be a standard for righteousness in the nations.

God then takes this tool and begins to spin it around his head ready to be sent as a sling shot,  a weapon out to the nations.God will spin and shake Australia and turn her around until she is a tool fashioned in righteousness for his use.

Once fashioned and aligned God will send her forth into the nations as his tool to establish righteousness in the nations.


Jerusalem - Walk around the city - Day 7


Declaring the goodness of God to the city. Joined by a Messianic Jewish Believer from Israel.

Declaring God will rise over Jerusalem and the enemies of Zion will be defeated.

Jesus rules over Jerusalem!!!Enjoy Shabbat!



Jerusalem - Walk around the city - Day 8


In this last walk around the city we proclaimed SHIFT!!

Decree: That the people of God , natural and spiritual stand on foundations of righteousness.

Decree: The  Kingdom of heaven is established on earth as Jesus is enthroned from Jerusalem to the ends of the earth!!

Visited Jordan River, the place where Jesus was baptised.

It was also at this place that Elijah left Elisha in a whirlwind and the place where Naaman dipped in the river 7 times tore healed.

In this place the heavens have been opened!!

We declare that the heavens again are opened for the knowledge of the love of the Father to be poured out and the power of the spirit to be displayed in healing signs and wonders!!!

The Jordan River where Jesus was baptised.

Visited the Upper Room.

Again experienced an open heaven and declared that the wind of the Holy Spirit will blow in greater measure from this place to the ends of the earth, ushering in another season of the manifestation of the Holy Spirit in signs and wonders on the earth.

Day 13,14,15

Athens, Corinth.

Here we saw first hand God’s power through Paul the apostle, to SHIFT and change the then known world!!!

As scripture states ‘the whole world is in an uproar because of these Jews!’

These ancient cities were built around the worship of their many other gods. The whole culture was obviously dominated by this worship and their gods were ‘enthroned’ in the most prominent places! Temples for these gods dominated the high places all around the cities and countryside.

Here, Paul in his apostolic role, has infinite impact.

Paul’s passion, boldness, sacrifice and Fathers Love to share the gospel with demonstrations of power is overwhelmingly effective!!

His apostolic anointing is strategically effective in establishing churches that remain.He and his disciples shifted the government and culture of these cities.

They established a Kingdom culture and the temples to many and various Greek gods became places of worship to Christ. The body of Christ expanded with such effect that these city states and then national governments became known as ‘Christian nations!’


That the body of Christ would rise with the same spirit and power that Paul displayed.

Decree: The Kingdom of God is rising and shining as in Paul's time through the people of God to impact the world. Inferior gods are being thrown off their thrones, nations are turning and transforming and the rule and reign of Christ is being  established across the globe!!


God has Shifted this Nation! - Australia

He has Awakened the Worshippers, Raised-Up the Warriors, Released the Reformers!!!

Let's keep standing in faith at this strategic time in our nation that Australia has been Shifted back under the government of God

Thank you to all of you who prayed, fasted, hosted & attended these events, and gave sacrificially. We are humbled & blessed how the body of Christ stood up 'as one' from 31st Oct - 11th Nov

God bless you all

Bruce & Cheryl


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