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Monday, 11 December 2017

11.12. 2017

You Are the the Transition
You Are the SHIFT in the earth!!

It seems for the body of Christ in recent years, we have been talking transition and going through much change and shift. It seems we have lived our lives in transition and change!! 
I believe it has not been our own doing but God has had us on a journey.
In his goodness I believe God has been propelling us out of the old era and bringing shift and change so we enter the ‘new era of glory’ he has ordained in church history!!

Transition, as we have found out, is not easy .
It is the ‘best of times and the worst of times!!’ Everything is in flux, and yet you know that this is a progression into a greater dimension of life and fruitfulness. It is uncomfortable to say the least, but necessary if we are to keep moving with God’s plans and purposes in the earth.

As we went through the process of preparing for and completing the 12 days of ’SHIFT the Nation’, we understood that we were again in that place of transition. Our mandate was to ‘shift’ the nation, under the government of God. 

This meant we were to bring the whole nation through a transition.

As we landed in Canberra at 11:11 am on 11:11.17, (11 the number of transition) we knew that God was going before us and his plan was that we rise in faith (Hebrews11) to shift our nation!!

The number 11 has been significant in our lives for many years. In fact it has been a regular with me since 2010.

The number 11, has many meanings and many references in scripture and over the years I have attempted to understand what God was doing in our lives and across the body of Christ as I kept seeing this number and the various references.
The number 11 for the most part, speaks of the incomplete nature of something. For example, if it is the 11th. hour, it’s not yet time! 11 eggs is not quite a dozen. 11 months is not a full year.  Hence 11 is considered the number of transition, for when you see this number you will be coming to an end of one cycle and ready to go into the next. 

In scripture we see some significant references with the number 11.
Hebrews 11, is the chapter of faith. 
It takes faith to transition. It takes faith to shift and change. Indeed faith is imperative.
We have to rise into a new level of faith to lay hold of the promises of the new season of the Kingdom of God on earth.
God brings us to the place of change, and calls us to rise in faith to make the change to take us into the new dimension he has for us.

In Joshua 11, the fighting got worse before it got better, but they finally had control of the land and secured themselves into the place of rest.
Thirty-one kings gathered their armies as a vast hoard. Joshua immediately went again into battle and this whole vast opposition was defeated in a day!!
It was a whole month’s worth of giants, taken down in one day!!

There was acceleration as they continued to establish themselves in the promises, establishing the rulership of the Kingdom of Heaven and advancing the Kingdom in their land.

I believe God is giving us accelerated opportunity to change and enable shift in our lives! 
The Holy Spirit’s acceleration in our lives is for advancing the Kingdom in us and through us. 

It is the time and season when a month’s worth of fighting can be accomplished in a day!! 
At this time, expect to bring down the last of the giants!! In this time of acceleration, rise in faith and go after the enemy that is still encroaching upon your righteousness, peace and joy. 
In courage and faith, rise to secure the Kingdom of God in you, in health, finance, children, careers, provision, influence etc.

Bring down the many giants that have attempted to erode your inheritance: your peace, your family, your finances and your heath and enter that place of rest.
We are in a season of warring into the rest!!. It is not a season when we are fighting just to hold ground, but a season when God is leading us out to secure the territory that  he has promised. 

Enforce your transition.
Do not let strife, confusion, dissension or division rule in your life. Do not let wrong talking come from your mouth, do not let judgements of others hinder your ability to love them. Do not let offence dictate your life into the future. Be free from unforgiveness and live in the lifestyle of wholeness that God has empowered you for. 
Rise up and bring down these giants and establish your promised land in righteousness, peace and joy, in that order.

Shift and change will continue to be part of our worlds if we are to continue to go from glory to glory, strength to strength, built into the image of Christ. 

We, the body of Christ, are shifting to rightly reflect Jesus in this world. The world is waiting for the sons and daughters of God to be manifest. (Rom.8)

Our mandate is to disciple nations and this will mean a clash of Kingdoms in the earth, as light confronts darkness to transform the nations. 
To see nations established in righteousness and justice will mean the church, the ecclesia, must enable transition into transformation and reformation.

Jesus was the transition for the people of God and for the whole world. The son of God came to the earth to be the transition from one era to another, from the old covenant to the new. He shifted the world into a totally new epoch, a new era!!

God is bringing the world into a new era, and this time it is the men and woman of God, who, like Jesus in this world, will enforce the transition, the shift and change to a new world order of nations being discipled and reflecting the Kingdom of Heaven on earth!

You are the transition!! You are the Shift!!

Joseph was the 11th son of Israel and it was given to him to rule for Pharaoh, the then known world and save the people from annihilation through famine. In doing so he discipled the nation.
God is raising up Josephs in this transition time to disciple nations with justice and righteousness so that the Kingdom of God can be established in nations.

To take up our reign and rule in the nations, there is a process. We must embrace the process and fight to live above the ‘normal’ life and let the Spirit transition us into a naturally, supernatural lifestyle.
For Joseph it was the pit and the prison that transitioned him and prepared him to rule. For Esther it was 12 months of beauty treatments, for the people of Israel to take the promised land, it was fighting to secure their boundaries and for Daniel, it was training in the King’s palace.

God will use many processes in our lives to transition us into ruling and reigning and to being his ecclesia, to rule in the earth.

In this ‘new era of glory’, God is about transition and He is fashioning His people, to be the transition. We will be about change and shift. We will be about leaving the old and stepping into the new. We will be about living in a new way for the new day.
A shift and change of lifestyle into Kingdom overcoming ways is God’s plan. That we live as overcomers in this life and establish the Kingdom of God in us, as it is in heaven, is the plan.

You are the transition. You are the Shift for the nations!! 

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